Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Oooh, so gorgeous!... :) Or my favourite surrealists.

André Breton
French writer André Breton, a Dadaist and devotee of Sigmund Freud’s work with psychoanalysis. Founder of Surrealism.
André Breton decided (along with the Dadaists) that rational thought was at fault for the world’s problems and that change could only come about through the subconscious mind. He eventually wrote three Surrealist Manifestos and based the movement on the idea that ordinary things, such as objects, symbols, and images could have important meaning when created and viewed with the subconscious.
Andre Breton

Tristan Tzara

Paul Eluard

Philippe Soupault

Louis Aragon

Hans Arp

Max Ernst

Portrait Ivan Goll von Inga Schnekenburger
Yvan Goll

Robert Desnos

Antonin Artaud

Benjamin Peret

Rene Char

Jacques Prevert

Marcel Duchamp

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