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Gilles Berquet

Gilles Berquet (born 1956) is a French photographer, and one of the driving forces in the European fetish erotica scene.

Few photos:


Hans Bellmer

Hans Bellmer was born in Katowice in 1902. At his father's insistence, he worked in a steel factory and a coal mine after finishing the examinations qualifying for university admittance. Nevertheless, Bellmer managed to do some art work and exhibit it in Poland in 1922/23. The work led to his arrest.
He refused to continue working as a sign of resistance to Fascism in 1933. To show his repudiation of Fascism and the aesthetic it propagated, Hans Bellmer began to construct girlish three-dimensional dolls, which he photographed in erotic poses. Some of these works were published by Bellmer at his own expense in 1934, others appeared in the Surrealist journal "Le Minotaure", ensuring Bellmer important ranking among Paris Surrealists.
Dolls of Hans Bellmer:
CW-Hans-Bellmer.jpg image by ourtownnews

Monday, 19 July 2010

Meret Oppenheim

Meret Oppenheim is probably best known for the fur teacup and spoon, one of the most recognized of Surrealist Objects. Many of her objects and paintings created during the same period have since been lost. Her contributions to the Surrealist Movement, and associations with many members of the group began well before she turned 20 years of age.

This Surrealist object was inspired by a conversation between Oppenheim and artists Pablo Picasso and Dora Maar at a Paris cafe. Admiring Oppenheim's fur-covered bracelet, Picasso remarked that one could cover anything with fur, to which she replied, "Even this cup and saucer." Soon after, when asked by André Breton, Surrealism's leader, to participate in the first Surrealist exhibition dedicated to objects, Oppenheim bought a teacup, saucer, and spoon at a department store and covered them with the fur of a Chinese gazelle. In so doing, she transformed genteel items traditionally associated with feminine decorum into sensuous, sexually punning tableware.

Breakfast in Fur

About Breakfast in Fur

She spent twenty years trying to make paintings and artwork that would live up to this early success and suffered from anxiety and depression. It was not until many years later she understood how important materials were for her artmaking success. Instead of illustrating an idea in a painting, the symbolic mix of objects was her genius.


Red Head, Blue Body
Meret Oppenheim. Red Head, Blue Body. 1936

An Enormously Tiny Bit of a Lot

Woman with Hat
Meret Oppenheim, Frau mit Hut (Woman with Hat)

Tete de Poete

Meret Oppenheim: Das Tragikomische, 1944

Giacometti's Ear

White Head, Blue Dress
Meret Oppenheim: White Head, Blue Dress, 1935 - Gipsum relief on wood, wood pieces, oil (Kunstmuseum Basel)

The Mirror of Genoveva

Sculptures & Designs

Miss Gardenia

Table with Bird’s Feet
Table, Traccia. Designed by Meret Oppenheim and manufactured by Simon

Table, Traccia. Designed by Meret Oppenheim and manufactured by Simon

Table, Traccia. Designed by Meret Oppenheim and manufactured by Simon

Oppenheim exhibited Ma Gouvernante, My Nurse, made of a pair of shoes bound together on a platter in a position simulating that of a nude woman on her back with her legs spread and dressed with paper frills. The shoes caused as much excitement as the fur cup.

Ma gouvernante, My Nurse, mein Kindermädchen



Beyond the Teacup

Project for Parkett No. 4

Le Couple

Bone Necklace

Very controversial fountain, named Tour-Fontaine, designed by Meret. Switzerland.

Him & Her


Hermes Fountain

Meret Oppenheim, Abendkleid mit Büstenhalter-Collier

Uchrzeit Venus

Unterirdische Schleife

Tete du Poete



Monkey Hair Shoes

Meret Oppenheim: Termitenkönigin, 1975

Meret Oppenheim: Tierköpfiger Dämon, 1961

In 1959 she created the controversial object, Cannibal Feast, for the opening of the last International Surrealist Exhibition in Paris. The sculpture included a live nude model laid out on a table and covered with food and was criticized for depicting woman as an object of consumption; Oppenheim insisted that the work was instead intended as a spring fertility rite for both men and women.

The latest work of Meret.


By Man Ray

Self-Portrait_with_Meret_Oppenheim-.jpg image by femmefatale101

Meret Oppenheim

By Lee Miller

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